What Does Wyll Mean In Texting?


Wyll in messaging mainly implies “what you look like”. It’s something you could say while conversing with someone you haven’t met, and is widely used on Snapchat, where you may send photographs as a rapid answer. However, it’s also utilized in texting and on social media more widely.

Wyll has a very particular connotation, therefore, and generally involves someone inquiring about what you look like.

It’s actually a subtle way of requesting for an image to be provided.

You may, of course, describe your looks, but it is most likely not what the individual is searching for.

Let’s find out more.

Wyll Mean In Texting

In texting, what is the meaning of "WYLL"?

"What you look like" is the most typical meaning of the Wyll designation.

Despite the fact that the meaning is obvious—it is a question—you can be excused for being perplexed by the statement.

The phrase "what you look like" does not constitute a full sentence from a grammatical standpoint, nor does it inherently suggest a query.

This phrase is a condensed form of the question "what do you look like?"

In the majority of instances, you can be certain that this is the meaning that they want to convey to you when they use the word "wyll."

And that is the whole sentence. Take, for instance, the question, "Wyll, I've never seen you before?"

Despite the fact that Wyll is used in texting lingo, it is most often utilized on the application known as Snapchat.

Snapchat is a messaging application that enables users to transmit photographs to one another in a simple and straightforward manner, and these pictures are deleted once they have been seen.

It has grown equally dependent on its messaging component in recent years, so individuals may have extensive chats on Snapchat before sharing photographs to each other.

Thus, you would say “wyll” to effectively ask them to supply a photo of yourself.

Of all, the individual may just be asking you to describe your look.

But given the setting of Snapchat, it is more probable they’re asking you to transmit an image.

In that manner, you may view it as a little flirty—again, context-dependent. It is probably a little intrinsically provocative to ask someone to email you a photo of themselves, therefore this is most typically done with individuals who may be romantically linked.

However, it’s so popular on Snapchat that it’s extended to nearly all other corners of instant messaging.

It is utilized on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but it’s also used merely in plain texting.

Given how simple it currently is to snap and transmit photographs on nearly any chat platform,

Snapchat has lost its stranglehold on this phrase. That said, it’s still most often utilized on Snapchat, particularly among younger people.

Do we know where this originates from?

Wyll Mean In Texting

Where does wyll originate from?

Unfortunately, we can’t tell for sure when this term began being used.

It appears, however, to have been one of the more recent additions to texting slang.

As best we can determine, it was Snapchat itself that coined this expression.

It’s quite a reasonable estimate that this one did not begin in the early days of texting and the internet when transmitting photographs took an excessively lengthy period of time or could not be done at all. Snapchat actually led the way in the notion of having fast, “snappy” discussions that might include photographs that don’t get kept anywhere.

It’s also regarded a safer location to add strangers because you can’t truly publish updates on Snapchat.

Thus, individuals will add one other using Snapchat as a means of getting to know others on the internet.

The chat element, as I indicated, made this a lot simpler.

People had a method of conversing that didn’t entail sharing photographs.

Naturally, however, someone in the discussion is ultimately going to be fascinated about what the other looks like—so they created a shorthand means of inquiring!

An crucial question, particularly for when talking to someone you don’t know, is how to answer to this.

How do you reply to wyll?

As with any engagement on social media, particularly with someone you don’t know in real life, you should only answer in a manner that you’re comfortable with.

Don’t feel forced or that you have to, and if you believe someone is forcing you to do something you don’t want to, then you should terminate the discussion or at the very least create clear limits.

As I mentioned, if you feel comfortable, you could upload a photo of yourself—but you’ve got to be quite cautious with this type of stuff.

Be sure the individual is trustworthy.

You may always elect to merely describe your look, like I stated, rather than uploading a photo.

What else does wyll mean?

Wyll, as far as we can discover, does have one additional slang connotation.

It is, for some reason, used to refer to males who have a propensity of sketching and doodling when they should be doing other things.

Some apply the word to boys who draw certain objects.

This is, by far, the less frequent interpretation, and it should be fairly evident from context if this is what the individual intends.

So, it does have alternative slang connotations, albeit they are significantly less widespread than its mainstream usage.

If you’re on Snapchat with someone, then this is almost probably what they mean.

Always remember that you shouldn’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing, and it’s always worth exercising care when engaging with someone you don’t know outside the

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